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Activities of Daily Living

  • Angie needs to have her green sweater nearby at all times!
  • The best place for Angie at dusk is in her recliner with a cup of tea watching an evening news program.
  • Do not discuss politics.
  • Do not mention her travels to the Phillippines.
  • Do not ask her about her son.
  • She does not like the smell of lavendar.
  • Music, food or a walk outside will help to redirect.
  • Show here the photo of her grandson-Joey.

Ask me about…

  • the weather
  • my sailboat
  • my Pomeranian “Tiki”
  • Early riser
  • Likes tea with sugar first thing in the morning
  • Bathing before bedtime
  • Naps in the early afternoon
  • Routinely watches an evening news program
  • Enjoys a short sitcom in bed before lights out
  • Bedtime: must have the sound machine on #7; foam, contour pillow; light weighted blanket or just sheet; a light spray of lavender room freshener

Likes: all vegetables, noodles, Asian food, peanut butter

Dislikes: some fish, swiss cheese

Snacks: pretzels, popcorn, nachos, bananas

Beverages: lemonade-no ice; black tea-sugar, cream; does not like soda

  • See engagement section for direct links
  • Enjoys: Sing alongs, gardening, BINGO (with assistance)
  • Dislikes: Riding on the bus
  • Music: Celine Dion, Frankie Valli
  • TV: Hallmark Movies, evening news, Jeopardy
  • Always use hair conditioner
  • Must use body lotion everyday
  • Air hair dry, no hair dryer or styling tools
  • Electric toothbrush with Crest gel
  • Loose fitting clothing
  • Needs green sweater at all times
  • Spouse (deceased) Lou; married 30 years
  • Daughter-Sarah
  • Son-Michael
  • Sister-May (visits on Tuesdays)
  • Enjoys traditional Christian hymns on Sunday to set the weekend apart.
  • Enjoys very short, non-denominational devotional services.


On Demand Activities


My Life Story

Angie was born in the Philippines and moved to California with her parents and two sisters when she was eleven. She graduated from the University of California Berkeley with a degree in Political Science. She worked in California politics for thirty years, specializing in immigration reform. She met her husband, Lee, in a Psychology class her Freshman year. They were married for thirty years. He passed in 2015. Angies daughter and son live in the Phoenix area. She enjoyed sailing and spent each summer enjoying the coastline of California and Mexico. Angie was an avid reader of non-fiction and was fascinated by anthropology and history.

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